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You can enjoy your car's radio, and see clearly at night with your headlights, and other electronic components in your vehicle because of the alternator. It's one of the most important components of your car that keeps things up and running.

It's a crucial part of every combustion vehicle as it converts chemical energy to electrical energy so the battery in your engine and other electrical components in your car can be charged and replenished. Because of this, you can turn on your car, listen to music on the radio, and use your headlights.

But what happens if you're experiencing problems with your car alternator? How will you even know if your alternator needs to be fixed? We'll tell you all about it as you read further. 
When you come across car alternator problems, contact the best auto repair services near you so they can take a look at it. You can try fixing it on your own but it's best to leave it to the hands of a professional alternator repair service at Car Geeks.

Signs That You Need Alternator Repair & Services

If your alternator is faulty, your car won't start or stay on for more than a few minutes. It's easy to misdiagnose a bad alternator with a poor battery since they usually display similar symptoms. It's best to know the signs your vehicle shows to tell you that its alternator needs to be fixed or replaced. Here are the warning signs of a faulty alternator:

1. Your battery warning light pops up on the dashboard
The first thing you'll probably think of when you see your battery warning light on your dashboard is that it could be a battery issue. But this could also be a sign that there's a problem with your alternator. 
This happens when the voltage designed to keep the alternator working drops below 13 volts. The same thing happens if the voltage limit exceeds the specific working voltage.
If this is the case, the battery warning light may flicker on and off due to the fluctuation of the alternator of its intended voltage capacity. If you notice this happening in your car, you might want to call a professional alternator repair service shop to have it inspected.

2. You smell burning rubber or wire
One clear indication that your alternator has problems is when you can smell burning rubber or wires. This could mean that parts of your alternator are already worn out. It could also mean that your alternator is being overworked or its wires are damaged.
When an alternator gets overworked, it tends to push too much electricity through its wires which causes them to heat up excessively and dangerously. It could also mean that the alternator's drive belt is already worn out due to its exposure to constant tension and friction.
The smell of burning is always an indication that something's not right. Before the problem gets completely out of hand, schedule your car for an inspection and have your alternator repaired or replaced, whichever is necessary.

3. You have a dead battery.
If you haven't had your car battery replaced in about 4 to 5 years, a dead battery would just mean a dead battery. But if you just recently replaced your battery but it's no longer working, there must be something wrong with your alternator. Even if you replace the battery with a new one, if your alternator is malfunctioning, your car still isn't going to start.
When an alternator is faulty, it won't sufficiently charge the battery while the engine is running. As a result, the charge depletes faster than usual. It's best to have it tested whether the problem is with the battery itself or with the alternator.
One thing you can do is jumpstart your car. If it stays running, your battery needs to be replaced soon. If your car dies shortly after getting jumpstarted, it means that the alternator isn't giving your battery enough power.

4. Your car's electronics are either slow or malfunctioning
Having trouble rolling your windows? Are your seat warmers not heating quickly? Are your speedometer and other instruments going haywire? This could mean they're not receiving enough power from the alternator. That's how you know you need to check your alternator.
A lot of modern cars have a priority list of accessories programmed into the car that signals the onboard computer which equipment to cut power first if the alternator isn't supplying enough electricity. So if you're driving with a faulty alternator, your radio, power steering windows, and other nonessential equipment will lose power first before your headlights and other important accessories.

5. Your car is making growling or whining noises under the hood.
Ever heard your car growl or whine? That's because the belt that turns the alternator's pulley is misaligned. It could also mean that the bearings that spin the rotor shaft are starting to wear out. This is a clear sign of a faulty or failing alternator.

Unparalleled Alternator & Start Testing in Kapolei, HI

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above on your car, it's probably because your car is having electrical problems with the alternator, battery, or starter. To be safe and sure, bring your car to Car Geeks. Our expert auto repair service professionals can help inspect the different components of your car's electrical system.

Our experienced alternator repair professionals will diagnose the problem and give you different options when it comes to replacing or repairing a bad alternator or starter. They can also tell you the cause of the problem and what auto repair shop services are available to fix it and restore your car's excellent running condition.

Call us now or schedule an appointment so you'll be back safe on the road in no time!




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