Check Engine Light in Kapolei, HI


What Is Check Engine Light?

The check engine light is a warning light that indicates an issue with the engine or emission control system that must be addressed before it worsens. When this happens, it is crucial to check your car using an OBD2 scanner or by professional auto repair shops as soon as possible.

What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Is On?

If your check engine light suddenly switches on while you’re in the middle of a drive, here are some things you can do.

  • Keep you cool and focus on how the automobile feels.

Take note of the strange noises or how weak or sluggish the engine seems. There are some instances when your car’s module instantly enters limp mode, which disables some of the minor accessories and limits your speed.
Moreover, this feature prompts the engine to generate less power and prevent further  damage to your vehicle.

  • Slow down and get directions to the nearest service facility or auto repair professional.

CAUTION:  Watch your dashboard gauges to see if you’re overheating or running low on fuel.

  • Look for a safe location to stop.

Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

1. Engine Misfire

The check engine light may flick on due to an engine misfire. Additionally, it can cause your automobile to waste fuel and harm the catalytic converter.

2. Defective oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor is the most typical source of the issue. The oxygen sensor's primary function is to determine the oxygen level in the exhaust gas. Once it malfunctions, it lets you know through the check engine light.

3. Loose gas cap

The check engine light may switch on due to a loose gas cap. It may also result in fuel waste and emit toxic pollutants from your car.

4. Issues with catalytic converters

The catalytic converter's job is to convert dangerous contaminants (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide) in exhaust gasses into safe ones. The signs that you need to look out for are the smell of rotten eggs, and when the -check engine light is on. This leads to increase in operating temperatures and decrease in fuel economy.

5. Clogged air filter

The check engine light could turn on due to a filthy air filter restricting airflow.

6. Spark Plugs

A check engine light will illuminate if the spark plugs or plug wires are worn. Almost any issue with the ignition system in your car is likely to set up the check engine light. If your vehicle has more than 100,000 miles on it and you haven't changed the plugs, it's time for new plugs and wires.

7. EGR Valve Problem

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a crucial car component that lowers hazardous nitrogen oxides that are released into the atmosphere by recirculating exhaust gas into the air intake system.

Your car’s check engine light illuminates if your EGR valve is broken. Failure to fix a defective EGR valve can lead to issues with fuel economy, acceleration, and power.

Steady Vs. Flashing Check Engine Light

It is best to pay attention to the check engine light, especially if it's steady, as this indicates an underlying issue. Consequently, a flashing check engine light indicates misfiring, and the unburned fuel penetrates the exhaust system resulting in damage to the catalytic converter.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it safe to drive even when the check engine light is on?
No. It is best to avoid driving when the active engine light is on because you still don’t know what’s causing it. Avoid stressing the engine on the way to the repair shop and doing further harm as much as possible.

Below are some of the car maintenance advice you can do while you are in the middle of the road:

  • Drive carefully
  • Avoid hauling or pulling big loads.

2. Could low oil set off the check engine light?
Although it is a major issue, low oil does not switch on your check engine light. Instead, it will trigger the oil light. 
However, low oil pressure can turn on the engine light.

Check the level of your engine oil frequently, especially before going on long trips. Also, keep in mind to change the engine oil on time.

3. Is it viable to take an emission test even when the check engine light is on?
No. The personnel can automatically fail you if your check engine light is on as you approach the testing site. More importantly, you are putting your life at risk.

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