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Service and Repair of Dodge Vehicles

Dodge Auto Repair Shops in Kapolei, HI

Looking for a one-stop shop for all your auto service and maintenance needs?

At Car Geeks, we ensure that we provide top-quality service for repairing Dodge vehicles. Whether it is tire rotation, brake servicing, transmission repairs, or oil changes, we got your back.

In addition to our expertise, our dedication to the quality of work we provide is palpable through the long-standing relationships we are able to keep up until this present time with our avid customers.

Call us today or make an appointment! Don't forget to ask about our latest offers and promos.

Best Dodge Auto Repair Kapolei

To ensure that your Dodge vehicle is at its peak performance, proper auto repair and maintenance are crucial. At Car Geeks, our Dodge auto repair shop only employs ASE-certified technicians, the expertise, and have thoroughly undergone professional training for them to be able to get the job done excellently. Our professionals will provide nothing but exemplary service to your Dodge vehicle.

Below are some of the services that we offer:

Oil Changes and Preventive Auto Maintenance

In reference to your owner's manual, your car should be serviced at specific intervals to keep it at its best condition. This service category covers wiper blade replacement, oil changes, filters, hoses, belts and all of your vehicle’s fluid. These procedures are particularly advised to prolong the life of your Dodge vehicle.

Brake System Service

It is crucial to have your brake system thoroughly inspected, including the pedals, rotors, and pads to keep it fully functional and uphold your safety while on the road. You can rely on us at Car Geeks to deliver and ensure that your car stops safely each time.

Computerized Engine Diagnostic Check Up

Our Dodge service department is equipped with all the tools needed to identify the problem and offer solutions for engine repair or replacement. We only use the most recent tools by Mopar which allows us to offer upgraded services such as transmission or gearbox diagnosis.

Battery and Electrical System

Modern automobiles come with new electronics and technological advancement, making them more complex than before. When a car battery is nearing its end of life, it is vital to have it examined and replaced. At Car Geeks, you can be assured that you get your Dodge’s electrical system and drive system diagnosed.


Your transmission or gearbox ensures that the proper quantity of engine power is transferred evenly to your wheels. Every 30,000-60,000 miles, it is vital to have your transmission inspected and serviced by a professional. Our Dodge auto repair and maintenance at Car Geeks provides top-tier service when it comes to changing the transmission fluid or replacing the transmission


We can provide you with the right tires at a reasonable price. You can rely on knowing the precise tire size needed for your car.

Other Services we offer:

  • Tune Ups Radiator - Coolant/Antifreeze Change/Flush
  • Air Filter Replacement A/C - Air Conditioning
  • Wheel/Tire Alignment
  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Exhaust & Muffler Repair & Service

Why Choose Car Geeks for Dodge Repair and Service?

If you have been searching far and wide for the best auto repairs and services in Kapolei for your precious Dodge vehicle, look no further.

At Car Geeks, you can rest in the knowledge that our auto mechanics and technicians are friendly and knowledgeable about Dodge vehicles. We pride ourselves on the fact that we know the Dodge standard for engineering and performance. Our technicians can identify a wide array of issues that might develop in your car over time.

Call us today or visit our shop. We are ever-ready to answer your concerns and set you up for a repair or maintenance appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my check engine light is on?

No matter what circumstance, we always advise our clients to immediately visit our service facility when your Dodge's check engine light illuminates so that one of our skilled mechanics can accurately diagnose and fix your car. With the most recent diagnostic tools, our service specialists can swiftly scan OBD codes.

You can tell what could be wrong with your vehicle and how serious it is through your check engine light's behavior.

Below are some hypothetical situations, we've laid out so that when you encounter them, you will have a better understanding of your next action steps:

It is vital to know that the check engine light only illuminates under specific circumstances. Hence, if it suddenly starts to illuminate, pay attention to any changes in your car's performance.

How can I tell if my brakes are going bad?

It is quite simple to determine when your brakes need maintenance as they tend to create strange noises. However, we highly recommend that it should be checked by a professional the soonest time possible if you notice any irregularities.

Below are a list of sounds that you could hear if your brakes begin to fail:

  • A shrill shriek
  • Grinding sound or harsh grumble
  • Squeaking noise when you stop
  • Pulsation in the pedal
  • Low initial pedal brake bite when applying the brakes
  • Movement of the steering wheel when braking

Should I rotate my tires as the seasons change?

Always abide by the recommendations from tire suppliers on how frequently you should rotate your car tires.

On front-wheel-drive vehicles, it is crucial to prevent excessive tire wear and tear since they are responsible for controlling the engine’s power, steering, and 70-80% braking. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that these tires are prepared for the winter or wet season.

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