Fleet Auto Services in Honolulu, HI

The Reliable Fleet Service Provider 

Car Geeks has been in the business of providing dependable, all-inclusive fleet services. We offer a wide range of fleet auto services to address your needs for all types of vehicles. We understand how valuable time is, especially if you own a fleet: no operations, no money.

Our highly-experienced fleet maintenance experts will work swiftly and effectively to provide you with cost-effective, long-lasting solutions.
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Your Trusted Fleet Auto Repair & Maintenance Services

Car Geeks is your go-to team of fleet auto service professionals.

Whether you need new tires, wheel alignment, air conditioning maintenance, or brakes examination, we got your back. We employ fully qualified, trained, insured, and certified mechanics who are experts and versatile, and can operate every kind of vehicle, no matter the brand, make, or model.

No fleet of vehicles is too big or small.

You’ll appreciate it even more, knowing that the same skilled and certified experts handle your engine and transmission repairs or replacements. They will also conduct routine maintenance tasks like oil changes and engine diagnostics.

We at Car Geeks understand how crucial it is that all vehicle inspection services and auto repairs are completed correctly and promptly and fit your budget while ensuring that your staff is continuously safe as they traverse the roads.

We handle everything.

Give us a call or drop by to learn why we ought to be your dealership substitute. 

Services We Offer

Car Geeks knows how vital reliable fleet vehicles are to your business’s daily operations to generate revenue. It has always been our topmost priority at our service center.

We provide a variety of services which are as follows:

  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Technical adjustments
  • Repairs and refueling of air conditioners
  • Repair and service of transmissions
  • Car glass replacement and repair
  • Cooling system repairs

If you think your vehicle is not operating normally, don’t hesitate to bring it to us.

We will do a comprehensive, multi-point check and run a vehicle computer diagnostic before developing a conclusive repair or replacement. 

What is Fleet Roadside Assistance?

A fleet roadside assistance service is an immediate solution we offer to drivers who experience a vehicular breakdown. Drivers can contact a mechanic or towing company for assistance. Given that most  locations are unprecedented, our roadside assistance staff will ensure that everyone in or close to the car or vehicle remains safe throughout the incident by installing flares or other high-visibility instruments.

Roadside assistance overarches more than the literal side of the road. We can assist you wherever you are, either on the side of the road, parking lot, outside of your business, or wherever you are.

All you have to do is go to Google, type in “best car shop near me,” click on Car Geeks, give us a call, and we will be right with you as soon as possible.

Benefits of Roadside Assistance

One call away. 
A regular subscription to our roadside assistance plan will guarantee that  the services are available when you need them the most.
Letting your drivers figure out how to manage roadside incidents when they are already in a precarious situation wastes your time and resources. Having a proactive approach and availing of preventive investments will help you ensure your driver’s safety while ultimately saving money.

Experienced  mechanics
With fleet roadside assistance, you can be confident that a qualified mechanic or towing service can help direct your drivers through the best course of action. In addition, it frees up time for fleet managers.

Vehicular breakdown information
Data gathering and breakdown timings recording can help you, as a business owner, understand how and why your fleet is experiencing breakdowns.
It also assists fleet managers in planning preventive maintenance to keep fleets healthy, fully functional, and operating for a longer period.

Our Roadside Assistance Services

Check out our roadside assistance services below:


We offer towing services to a mechanic within a predetermined range of the location of the vehicular breakdown.

Tire replacement

We can help your driver change a flat tire. 

Jumpstarting a battery

Our certified mechanics will jumpstart the vehicle’s dead battery.


Car Geeks can also assist in freeing a trap car using winching. However, this depends on how accessible the vehicle is and the number of service cars required to assist.

Lockout services

We also offer lockout services using a long-reach tool or a pump wedge if the driver experiences a lockout. Meanwhile, if those tactics don’t work, we can contact a locksmith for more assistance.

Fuel Delivery

If your car runs out of gas unexpectedly, we will provide enough fuel to get it through the gas station.

What You Can Expect From Our Fleet Services

Proactive Maintenance
Regular maintenance is vital to ensure your vehicles are fully functional and error-free. We have your fleet covered, from tire rotations to oil changes.

Customer-First Mindset
We take the time to understand our client’s needs by creating customized plans.

Little to no downtime
We understand how valuable your time and resources are. We ensure a quick turnaround without wasting time through prolonged repairs and services.

Open communication
We notify you when maintenance inspections are scheduled and work quickly and effectively to complete repairs.

Why Work with Car Geeks?

At Car Geeks, your safety and convenience are our priorities. 

Below are some reasons we have been the trusted fleet auto service provider in Oahu.

  • We offer tailored services at affordable prices to help you save money
  • We provide same-day fleet services for your ease
  • For several years, we have provided clients like you with the highest quality auto-service
  • We take pleasure in using cutting-edge equipment and tools 
  • We back our work with a written guarantee (See our Reviews)
  • We only hire and work with experienced, ASE-certified technicians.

We are fully invested in building our existing clientele of devoted customers. We continue to uphold our reputation for reliable repairs and exceptional client care.

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